Beauty is the happiness that radiates from within your soul and confidence from the inside out. Beauty is having your favorite shade of lipstick on and being surrounded by the people who make you laugh. Notions of beauty vary from woman to woman but we all want to feel beautiful!

My goal with Beauty by M is to make every person feel beautiful and confident. Whether it be on your wedding day, prom night, or a low-key evening out with good friends, make-up, albeit external, has the power to help all of us feel more powerful and comfortable in our own skin. Since I started Beauty by M over three years ago I never get tired of seeing the transformative power of makeup.

I’ve worked as a freelancer for MAC cosmetics, Bare Essential’s, Benefit, and Kevyn Aucoin cosmetics. Further I’ve worked in the makeup industry for over eight years in collaboration with many photographers and done editorial photo shoots with Carmel Magazine, Miranda Frye Jewelry and Stone fox swimwear.

There are a few thing I couldn't live without because they make me feel beautiful. I love mornings with a coffee cup in hand, I love being engaged in a great book, I love the mental and physical effects of a great workout. Most of all I love to laugh until my stomach hurts!

Tell me what you love or couldn’t live without!

Lets celebrate the simple beauties that exist all around us, and always, within us!